Natural Park “Skhodnya River Valley in Kurkino”

Natural Park “Skhodnya River Valley in Kurkino” with total area of 245.5 ha belongs to special protected natural area of nature-oriented, historic-cultural and recreational importance.

The Natural Park lies in the outskirt of Moscow and stretches along the left bank of the Skhodnya River. The river stretches for 5.5 km within the park bounds. The larges population of wild-growing orchids in Moscow is in the park. There are 7 species of orchids in the Skhodnya River valley.

151 vertebrate animal species are found in the area of the Natural Park, 80 of them are entered into the Moscow Red Book in different categories. There are 24 fish species in the river. The Natural Park is especially attractive for ornithologists: 81 bird species nest in its area and neighbouring lands of Moscow region.

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