Natural Complex of Zelenograd

Natural Complex of Zelenograd is located in the North-West part of Moscow region within the territory of Zelenograd administrative district of Moscow; it consists of Kryukovsky and Gorodskoi Forest Parks.

The subordinate territories include the following areas: Gorodskoi Forest Park – 80 ha, Kryukovsky Forest Park – 880 ha. Total area of the subordinate territories amounts to 960 ha.

Gorodskoi Forest Park is represented with trees, bushes, lawns and flower gardens along avenues, alleys, passages, streets and squares. The Gorodskoi Forest Park includes park “the 40th Victory anniversary” lying in the centre of Zelenograd.

The most famous natural sight of the Kryukovsky Forest Park is Black Lake. It is a former peat pit at the place of an old bog. The Black Lake lies on the water divide of the Rzhavka and the Skhodnya; it is surrounded by forest from three sides. A dry island with birches and pines lies in its centre.

Over 75 bird species can be met in the neighbourhood and in the area of the Kryukovsky Forest Park; there are birds of prey among them: goshawk, sparrow hawk and kestrel.

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