Natural Reserve “Setun River Valley”

Natural Reserve “Setun River Valley” (695,05 ha) is the largest Green Island lying within the city. In comparison with many other natural and natural-historical parks and reserves of Moscow which have compact area the Natural Reserve “Setun River Valley” is stretched along the river channel and is held by residential and industrial development on both sides.

This natural reserve situated almost in the heart of the metropolis has remarkably diversified flora and fauna. Birch, oak, lime and even pine forest plots growing on sharp and smooth river valley slopes are changed by riverside complexes; bank meadows and bushes surrounding spring water outlets interchange with low-level bogs. The current flora of the reserve includes 384 vascular plant species, 47 of them are rare for Moscow. 5 amphibian species, 69 bird species and 18 mammal species are registered in the river valley. 62 bird species nest in the reserve area.

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