Natural-Historical Park “Tsaritsyno”

The Natural-Historical Park includes: Biryulevsky Dendropark, Biryulevsky Forest Park, the Yazvenka River Valley, and the Fruit Garden.

Biryulevsky Arboretum (Biryulevsky Dendropark) lies in the area of the Biryulevo Eastern district. It is part of the Biryulevsky Forest Park.

This dendropark was created by dendrologist-engineer V.K. Polozov in 1938 at the place of Biryulevskaya fire waste land as a nursery park. The nursery was organized in order to receive planting material for other forest parks and adaptation of new valuable decorative species to our conditions. 188 species, sorts and forms of tree and shrubbery vegetation were planted here at 505 mother sites; road net was laid out, three water ponds were arranged.

Nowadays the Biryulevsky Dendropark is the second richest park of Moscow (after the Botanic Garden) according to the number of tree and shrubbery vegetation species: here you can see not only floral forms typical for Russian midland but also rare species of plants brought from different world regions. There is Sakura grove in the Dendropark area. Nursery plants were brought and planted together with the Japanese delegation. There is also a grove of Siberian cedar.

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