Natural-Historic Park “Tushinsky”

Natural-Historical Park “Tushinsky” occupies 663.5 ha, it includes five areas: the Aleshkinsky Forest, “Bratzevo” Manor Park Area, the “Tushinskaya Chashcha” (Tushinskaya Cup), the Skhodnya River Valley up to MRR, the “Bratzevo” Manor, the “Bratovka” River Valley together with the Bratzevsky Garden, Butakovsky Gulf Landscaped bank and the Zakharovsky Garden.

The park area is represented with a complex of plots occupied with forest, meadows, semi-aquatic natural communities and non-forest tree and shrubbery plantings. Forest plots are represented by birch, oak and pine woods that have been partially planted from the beginning of the XX century. Not only fruitful apple trees, but also poplars, limes, pines and oaks are planted in the Zakharovsky Garden.

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