Natural-Historical Park “Ostankino”

Natural-Historical Park “Ostankino” is located in North-East of the capital. The Natural-Historical Park includes the Main Botanic Garden of the Russian Academy of Science, the Ostankinsky Series of Palaces and Parks and the Ostankinsky Park of Culture and Rest, the All-Russian Exhibition Center.

The Ostankinsky Palace is situated in the regular park with preserved old planning. Huge oaks and limes surround it; they are older than 200 years. National and world assets make the collection of plants from all continents in the Main Botanic Garden.

The Ostankinsky park sight is the cedar grove recreated in 2003 according to the primary sketches of the ŐIX century artists. According to the legend cedar nursery plants were brought by the Siberia governor, Prince Cherkassky.

Bicentenary oak wood is the basis of the Natural-Historical Complex “Ostankino”. Forest area formed by huge oaks with spreading crowns can be found nowhere else in Moscow but in this park. Also limes, elms, maples, birches, asps, pines and firs grow here.

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