Natural-Historical Park “Kuzminki-Lyublino”

Natural-Historical Park “Kuzminki-Lyublino” lies in the South-East of Moscow; its area is over a thousand hectares. Forest area and pond series lie fully within the Moskva River valley.

The unique monument of history, culture and garden art, manor of the Stroganovs-Golizyns lies on the area of the Kuzminsky forest park. Outstanding architects and artists of the XVII–XIX centuries took part in manor series creation: I.P.Zherebzov, I.V.Egotov, D.I.Zhyliardi, A.N.Voronikhin, A.O.Zhyliardi, M.D.Bykovskii, P.K.Klodt. The manor was reconstructed many times but its planning structure remained unchanged.

The main composition axis of the Kuzminki is a cascade of ponds created on the Goledianka River.  Nowadays there are four ponds: Upper and Lower Kuzminsky Ponds, Shybaievsky and Shchuchy Ponds. The total area of ponds is 30 hectares. There are roach, red-eye, crucian carp, gudgeon and other fishes here. About three thousand frogs gather for spawning in spring.

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