Natural-Historical Park “Bitcevsky Les”

This Park is situated in the Sout-West of Moscow. It was created in 1992 on the basis of the Bitcevsky Forest area. The total park area is 2208,4 ha.

The Park has the following places of interest:

  • Series of manor palaces and gardens of the XVIII–XIX centuries nobility: “Znamenskoye-Sadki”, “Yasenevo” and “Uzkoye”;
  • Church of Our Lady of Kazan in Uzkoye;
  • Church of Peter and Paul the Apostles in Yasenevo;
  • Equestrian centre;
  • Paleontological museum;
  • Russian falcon center.

There are also three series of manor of the XVIII–XIX centuries nobility. The “Yasenevo” manor got its name from the village known in the XIII century as Grand Ducal and after that as the Tsar's Ancestral Land. Life of this manor was closely related with the “Znamenskoye-Sadki” manor; the remained alley systems speak for it. In 1690–1790 Yasenevo belonged to the Lopukhins boyar family (later the Lopukhins princes); Evdokia Fedorovna, the first wife of Peter the First, descended from this family. The Buturlins owned the manor after the Lopukhins for a long time.

The “Uzkoye” manor got its name from the former village known since the XVI century. In the XVII century – the beginning of the XVIII century Uzkoye belonged to the Streshnevs boyar family, in the XVIII - to the Golizyns princes, at the end of the XVIII century it belonged to the Tolstoys, after that – to the Trubezkoys princes.

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