Planned fauna reserve “Dolgie Prudy”

It lies in the “Severny” (Northern) region of Moscow North-Western administrative district, to the North from MRR. Its area is about 80 ha. Natural area lies in water divide of the Moskva River and the Kliasma River. It is stretched along a hollow where glacial melt water were breaking to the South in ice ages. Now this hollow crosses the water divide (near Dolgoprudnenskoye High Way).

The Reserve has wide flora. Lime wood with single old pines prevails near the former Vinogradovo manor (near Dolgoprudnaya alley). There are also trees-“strangers” such as fir trees from Siberia, paperbark maple from North America. Southwards there starts fir wood mixed with pine, lime, oak and local Norway maple. Farther to the South (behind meadows, near Zabolotie) there are self-sown birch wood and larch plantings.

But the main feature of the Reserve is the biggest colony of black-headed gulls in Moscow. Gulls ward off crows; many swimming bird species nest on bogs under gulls protection.

There are 71 bird species, 19 animal species, 5 amphibian species and 2 reptile species found in the reserve.

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