Planned natural reserve “Severny”

Natural Reserve “Severny” lies in Moscow Northern area between Dmitrievskoye High Road and Khlebnikovsky Forest area of Moscow region. It consists of two isolated forest plots with two villages “Severnaya Sloboda” and “Arkhangelskoe-Tiurikovo” between them. Total area of the reserve is about 95 ha.

The Northern plot is represented mainly by middle and old aged self-sown birch woods but in many places birch is replaced with fir which is the main wood species of the Klinsko-Dmitrovskaya Highland where Moscow Northern part is situated. Besides there are old pines, oaks, limes and elms in the forest.

The Southern plot has smaller area; it almost adjoins to the Moscow Ring Road (MRR) and is represented mainly by middle aged planted forests – birch and pine woods. There are single old trees that could remain from previous natural forests among these plantings. Besides firs, limes and elms were planted on some open forests.

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