Planned natural reserve “Medvedkovsky”

It is a small forest area near the Medvedkovo metro station in Moscow North-Western district. Its area is only 21 ha.

The basis of this natural area is formed with birch forest mixed with aspen. Warty birch is a local light-demanding wood; it is one of the Russian symbols. It is the tree (“the white bride”) that many legends and songs were dedicated to. Besides the Medvedkovsky Forest has a fragment of aspen wood and a small plot with pine plantings.

Fauna of the reserve underwent major changes in the urban environment but still there are about 10 species of small mammals, 35 bird species, 5 reptile species and 3 amphibian species here. Bird variety speaks for relative ecological well-being. Mole and weasel living in the reserve are entered into the Moscow Red Book.

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