Planned landscape reserve “Lianozovsky”

It is located on both sides of Cherepovetskaya Street in Moscow North-Western administrative district and occupies area of about 100 ha.

A small old oak forest is preserved in the North; many oaks are older than 150 years.

The Lianozovsky Stream flows a little southward – it is the right inflow of the Samotieka or Samotyshka. There is a cascade of three ponds on the stream. There are small bottom bogs near it; usually wood bulrush, common reed, meadowsweet and other huge grasses can be met there.

The Southern part of the reserve is a forest park with a thick underwood. It is cut with paths and reminds a mysterious labyrinth.

The fauna diversity is connected with the variety of plots (forest and park areas, thick bushes and meadows, bogs and water ponds) and habitats for animals.

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