Regional natural monument “Serebryany Bor”

Natural monument “Serebryany Bor” is a man-made island of 328,6 ha. It was made in 1937 when the banks of the Serebryanoborskaya bend of the Moskva River were connected with the Khoroshevskoye Spriamleniye (Khoroshevskoye Straightening) channel. Bezdonnoye (Bottomless) Lake goes deep into the forest area and has been connected with the river channel from the middle of the XX century. It is considered that the bottom of the Bezdonka goes into artesian depths. Its tortuous bays, islands, small bridges and brush woods make a labyrinth for walking and cycling.

In the Serebryany Bor there is an ecological trail made on the Moscow largest bent bog. Bogs accommodate plenty of wild nature species; big and beautiful birds nest and find food, orchid and berry bushes grow there.

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