National Park “Losiny Ostrov” (“Elk Island”)

National Park “Losiny Ostrov” was created among the first in Russia in 1983 in order to preserve and restore the unique natural complex. The Park area is almost 12 thousand hectares, one third of the area lies within Moscow.

The history of these areas is connected with Grand Ducal and Imperial Hunting in Russia. During Alexei Mihailovich Romanov’s ruling (1629-1976) a falcon yard for hunting birds teaching of hunting skills was made in Sokolnichia Roshcha (Falcon Grove) in the South of Losiny Ostrov.

The Yauza River heads from the park. Long ago Peter the First set up Russian navy from his boot on this river. The Pekhorka River flowing into the Moskva River is also very scenic. The park is beautified with its ponds – Alexeyevsky, Golianovsky, Kazenny.

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